The HR Manager,

Obtain a position as an Administrative Assistant, Office Supporting Staff & Medical and Health, Sales and Purchase or any new challenges in which my organizational abilities can be fully utilized any department. Work in a place where there is a need for a variety of office management skills including – computer knowledge, organizational abilities.
My Resume indicates (7) Years experience in different sectors. I have worked in five years as a Medical Lab technician in India and then I worked in three (4) years Administrative Assistant cum General Clerk, and Pipeline Checker in Singapore (Marine Sector) and then now presently working in a Sales and Office Executive in Stationery and Furniture sectors.
I can work any new challenging job, and at the same time I am looking for my career growth. I am flexible to work any place and anywhere. I f I work any company I can use my full energy, and ideas for developing the company.
Thank you for consideration and I am looking forward from your favorable response.

Respectfully yours,
XYZ, 00000000000